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 What say you, dear flist? I have a week till [community profile] kink_bingo  deadline. My initial enthusiasm with the comm has inevitably faded into nothingness, alas, but I do love my card. And I have written stuff for it, but I don't feel like posting any of it*. I MIGHT want a new card one day, though. So. I'm going to paste you my card - check it out, tell me if you like any of the kinks or would like to see me write a particular fandom or pairing. Because my week is a week of hell, the chances of me actually doing it are low, and the likelihood of actual quality is slimm er still - but, hey, throw ideas at me! Something might stick! I do love writing things for people, and I like you all half as well as I should like so that might help.
If not, you will probably get to read weird ponderous reflectiony stuff on kink, bingo and deadlines. And possibly Douglas Adams or something.
Oh, and the table is textual, so no vage NSW image in the middle.
 1. spanking/paddling6. obedience 11. collars 16. sex toys (worn under clothing) 21. dirty talk 
 2. bodily secretions 7. double penetration 12. tickling 17. historical roleplay 22. worship
 3. temperature play 8. humiliation (situational)wild card 18. drugs/aphrodisiacs 23. painplay (other) 
4. hands 9. mind control/amnesia 14. bites/bruises 19. plushies/furries 24. watersports 
5. body alteration/injury 10. confined/caged 15. gender play 20. teasing 25. voyeurism 
*this includes Rory and Amy roleplaying as gladiatior and empress, Mickey and Martha not letting aliens make them do it (and then doing it anyway once the aliens are gone), Donna having a kink for fire, Simon from Firefly having fantasies about Kaylee in the role of Julia from 1984, and one erotic use of leeches. I didn't post any of it, because it was never quite right.
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