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Q: what is tumblr for?

old, wrong A: keeping in touch with fandom trends; obtaining gifs; making yourself feel old even when you're not yet 23

new, correct A: stalking people who are bitching about the new Who episode.

I know I've said this before, but I have finally reached equilibrium; I can now watch only for the delight of grudge-wanking and let myself be pleasantly surprised when I like stuff, rather than depressed about the loss of my shoooow. My show is dead. I have come to terms.

Anyway! "It was a phase". Oh my god.

Daleks do parliament? Daleks have concepts like insanity? I mean, I am all for rewriting the existing mythos, but I kind of feel like a new race would have been better here. Sontarans! A secretly souffle-obsessed Sontaran companion would have been awesome.

I did like Oswin! I want her to not even get involved with the Doctor, and go date Eliot. They can cook and get into lesbian bar fights together. "It was a phase." Moffat does this thing, you know, where he ~believes in (female) liquid sexuality, and that's nice! It's awesome! Except then it gets played for shock/titillation/a punchline, and promptly forgotten. Unless she runs off with Amy. Most of my grudge would be absolved by that.

Amy! I loved the divorce, but then that got ruined. If she magically becomes fertile, I will collapse in flames. I do wish they'd adopt though. They like the perfect fairytale parents to any glum ten-year-old orphan.

In conclusion, this ep was actually not that bad, except for when it was horrible. C+, more Oswin please!

Feelings, flist? Feels, even?

Date: 2012-09-02 02:17 am (UTC)
jessalae: ([doctor who] protest)
From: [personal profile] jessalae
Squee? I have no squee. I have half-hearted after-the-fact relief that the entire thing wasn't 100% awful.

I haaaaaaated the divorce, ugh. Like, first I hated it on a distraught-shipper level, and then I hated it because I just genuinely can't believe they wouldn't have had a real conversation about their problems before things got bad enough for them to actually divorce, and then finally I hated it because it was over by the end of the episode. Of all the cheap fucking emotional manipulation tricks... what, killing Rory isn't enough to make the fanbase cry anymore, so they had to up the ante? Ugh.

...I think my rage at that kind of colored my view of the rest of the episode, because now that I think about it most of the plot wasn't actually that bad? Like, I really liked Oswin, and the concept of a Dalek asylum was actually pretty cool. I thought the Doctor's comment about how the asylum holds the Daleks that the Supreme Dalek can't control was pretty apt -- if they're going to have a concept of insanity, I would imagine it would mostly take the form of not falling in line with what the hivemind says. I really like that the Doctor has now been erased from the Dalek hivemind, I think that could turn out to be really interesting. I do NOT like it when characters on the show actually ask "Doctor who?", it just grates on my nerves for some reason... but I have a feeling they're going to be doing that A LOT this season, so I guess I should get used to it.

So. IDK. I am tentatively excited for next episode? It's full of actors I like, so it has that going for it, at least.

Date: 2012-09-02 03:53 pm (UTC)
jessalae: ([doctor who] protest)
From: [personal profile] jessalae
lol I know, right? I knew there was a reason I kept this icon around.

I just still don't think that Rory would have let Amy go without an explanation -- and even if they were fighting about a lot of things that could be used as plausible excuses, I think he would have hung on until he found The Real Problem. I just don't see him going and getting divorce papers drawn up without being convinced that it's absolutely not going to work. I definitely see Amy being heartbroken and furious that she can't get pregnant again, and not wanting to tell Rory about it, and that all boiling up until she can't stand to be with him because she feels she's disappointing him for reasons she hasn't even explained to him. But like you said, in proper-writer-world that situation ends in a huge character-building fight where All Is Revealed, and then maybe they divorce. Moffat decided he had to do it backwards for ~~drama~~, which is just stupid.

Hm, Wikipedia is telling me Chibnall wrote 42 and The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood? I didn't love those episodes, but I didn't really hate them either. They were just sort of... there. Mostly for next episode I'm hoping they can work in someone saying "I have had it with these motherfucking dinosaurs on this motherfucking spaceship!" (or the family-friendly equivalent), because that is the kind of silly reference I adore.
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Date: 2012-09-02 05:58 pm (UTC)
jessalae: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jessalae
I guess I can see how that would have happened. I think maybe I'm interpreting it using myheadcanon!Rory rather than actualcanon!Rory. Oh well. Marriage therapy is definitely something they need, although I'm not sure how they would explain all their Doctor-related issues to a therapist. Amy is probably too old to go around biting any disbelieving psychiatrists at this point. =P

It's been a long time since I watched The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood, I guess, and maybe I didn't pay attention to those episodes too closely? Not that I really want to go back and rewatch now, since I do sort of remember a lot of the things you're talking about, and they don't sound good. :/ I understand why you would be very unexcited. (Maybe we'll get another Blind Banker vs. Reichenbach Fall situation where a writer whose previous episode was a trainwreck of awful suddenly develops the ability to write awesome stuff? Unlikely, but I can dream.)

Re: motherfucking snakes and Avengers fandom, have you read [ profile] cleolinda's Movies in 15 Minutes Avengers parody? She doesn't exactly use that line, but she does have a lot of Samuel L. Jackson goodness, and the whole thing is just hilarious.


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