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At last, my semester's over!

3 things I am enjoying at the moment:

1. Ladyfest- it is mostly winding down now, but has produced truly marvellous works of fiction. Allow me to link some for posterity:
we laugh indoors (Bible (sort-of), Lilith)
experiment (Scooby-Doo, Velma)
That Cloying, Creeper Feeling (XKCD, Megan)
poppies stretch for days (The Wizard of Oz + zombies, Dorothy)
Idle Playthings: From the Devil's Mind (Simpsons, Maggie and Ling)
as the multitudes exalt (Road to El Dorado, Chel)
There's also myriads of Who-fic, genderbent Romeo and Juliet (including girl!Mercutio, mmm), Faulknerfic, Kleypasfic and two Narnia-Supernatural fusions. Also worth revisiting for the quality of prompts alone (mostly lyrics, wonderful wonderful lyrics).

2. Reccing, apparently! Ergo, while the reccin's good:
glitter and broken bones (DC Comics, Jason Todd), written for the Transfic Mini Fest- I am completely unfamiliar with the canon, and yet, holy wow.
3. The buzzy afterglow of Doctor Who. I didn't enjoy it as much as I did the previous four seasons (I passionately abhor certain aspects of Moffat's writing), but it contained the probably-best episode ever (Vincent and the Doctor) and a fair bit of goofy dancing and fezes, and somewhat less marriage and pregnancy than I expected, so, overall, I'm fairly happy.

3 things I've learned this year: )

3 things I am looking forward to: )


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