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At long last, I have watched Being Human Season Two, and I am thoroughly smitten.

Being Human, basic premise

BBC black angsty comedy thing about vampires, werewolves, ghosts, men and women who are platonic friends, werewolves and vampires who are platonic friends, thinly-or-not-at-all-veiled portrayals of how society treats rape survivors and openly gay people, jokes, morbid jokes and tea. Also, the music is brilliant and the actors are hotter than is strictly legal and have amazing chemistry.

Being Human, Season Two (also throwaway Torchwood spoiler)

Whiplash spoilers in the dark )

In non-spoilery summary

If you loved season one, you might still hate this. There's angst, there's lots of cool new characters, everyone behaves like a dick a lot and it ends with a huge cliffhanger (of sorts). It's awesome in its own way. And the music is still amazing and the hots are still hot, yay!
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At last, my semester's over!

3 things I am enjoying at the moment:

1. Ladyfest- it is mostly winding down now, but has produced truly marvellous works of fiction. Allow me to link some for posterity:
we laugh indoors (Bible (sort-of), Lilith)
experiment (Scooby-Doo, Velma)
That Cloying, Creeper Feeling (XKCD, Megan)
poppies stretch for days (The Wizard of Oz + zombies, Dorothy)
Idle Playthings: From the Devil's Mind (Simpsons, Maggie and Ling)
as the multitudes exalt (Road to El Dorado, Chel)
There's also myriads of Who-fic, genderbent Romeo and Juliet (including girl!Mercutio, mmm), Faulknerfic, Kleypasfic and two Narnia-Supernatural fusions. Also worth revisiting for the quality of prompts alone (mostly lyrics, wonderful wonderful lyrics).

2. Reccing, apparently! Ergo, while the reccin's good:
glitter and broken bones (DC Comics, Jason Todd), written for the Transfic Mini Fest- I am completely unfamiliar with the canon, and yet, holy wow.
3. The buzzy afterglow of Doctor Who. I didn't enjoy it as much as I did the previous four seasons (I passionately abhor certain aspects of Moffat's writing), but it contained the probably-best episode ever (Vincent and the Doctor) and a fair bit of goofy dancing and fezes, and somewhat less marriage and pregnancy than I expected, so, overall, I'm fairly happy.

3 things I've learned this year: )

3 things I am looking forward to: )
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 Let nobody diss the therapeutic effects of writing - and sending! - fan letters when one is down in the dumps. And, frankly, this whole month I've been 20 000 leagues underneath the dumps and playing Nazi Pope Skeleton poker.

Other things I've learned this week:
  • doodling song lyrics instead of taking notes is, not unlike swallowing pubic hair, something everyone has to go through sometime! [I'm 21 and it's a blazing new experience.]
  • if I want to go into academia, I will have to buy large spiffy necklaces
  • I truly don't want to go into academia

Also! A while ago I wrote and posted a ficlet about Tom and Martha and Mickey. I am hoping to craft it into a world, a world of polyamory and a 21st century Shakespeare [and probably this will somehow eventually allude to Chaucer Hath a Blog!]
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is our dreamwidth.

Surely, eventually, this journal shall grow a concept. Until then, there may be rambling and bastardised English aplenty.

And auto-referencing! )


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